Archive mensuelles: novembre 2000

The Real Thing 1

The first day I arrived at the house, I was tired by my bus journey and went to bed early…
I was woken up at 3 o’clock in the morning by the flatmates I had not met: they banged on my door and i soon discovered that they were drunk. One was even more plastered and louder than the other, he was also the cutest. I decided not to hold grudges.
The next morning, i discovered he had a girlfriend,a fat and jolly pimpelled girl…
I decided he wasn’t that cute.

Sometimes, you need to let go.

The Real Thing 2

One night, we went dancing in Moseley, in a village near Edgbaston. I was really please, it was going to be a salsa night.
But once we arrived there, it seems I was the only one to be happy about it. No one was dancing… John gave me the explaination:
« we are not drunk enough ».

The Real Thing 5

There was that guy living in my house. Dave. He was the first guy I got chatty with and we got along well. One night the whole house went out, in a strange bar, with loads of gothic decorations on the walls. Students from the campus were hanging there. I found the place awful.
As the night went on, Dave became more and more aggressive around me. I thought it was because he was drunk as he was in fact, and tried to avoid him. Then suddenly he said to me his breath full of alcohol « you look like Snow White ». I replied, « Well you make me think of Mister Bean ».
He was never nice to me after that.
He really liked me and hated me at the same time, and I realized long after that my being French was partly the reason.

A few months after there was an exhibition at the something factory and his paintings were on display. I was surprised of how cool they were.
It made me proud not to be his friend.

The Real Thing 6

There was that guy living in my house. Paul. A boy from Liverpool who was trying to D-jay during the night and was sleeping during the day, or he would lie on the couch in the ground floor kitchen-living room, making the kitchen smell of his unwashed clothes. He was always eating cereals and they would get stuck into his brown teeth.
One morning I went into the bathroom. It was early and everybody was asleep. It seems they didn’t have the ability to get up before 10, so I had the big house all for myself.
Well that morning the bathtub and sink were covered in some brown grease, like from a car or something. When I came back at night it was still like this and I was told that Paul had done the mess and was not ready to do the cleaning up.

I waited a couple of days before cleaning the bathroom, using his toothbrush. He was not pleased and called me a bitch.

The Real Thing 10

One Sunday, as the two of us were speaking quietly in the kitchen, Yan admired that he was spitting in Dave’s shampoo every time Dave was an arse. I laughed, looking astonished, opening big eyes then said: » no way, me too!! » We both burst out laughing.
From that moment on, I kept my shampoo in my room.

The Real Thing 11

On day, HE called on the phone landline, and Yan asked nosily, who’s that guy, he is you blockey? In my broken english, I heard « bollockey ». For the next few weeks, happy to know a new word, I used « bollockey » as often as I could.

The Real Thing 13

Our house was cold and damp. In the shower you had one of these annoying hot water electrical heater. I had never seen anything like it before. It was never really hot, it was never powerful enough. I had the idea to ask the vicar if he could do something about it. He looked at me strangely, and then blushed. I turned red too, immediately realizing my mistake. You wouldn’t ask things like that to your landlord if he were a vicar.