1 week status

Julie is…

trying to listen to Hawkins’ Brief History of Time while cooking pumpkin, which is prouving to be quite a chalenge…
cold, her flat is freezing, paris is grey
editing video
looking through the window
at Marie’s office
listening to grandaddy
wearing her favorite jumper
back on her bike
feeling nostalgic
at a party
thinking about the futur
reflecting on the sentence « Hay un mundo más allá »…
enjoying her week-end in Paris with Math.
is thinking « yes! » and listening to Banhart
back in Paris
not just a pretty face
Oh yeaaa
still thinking her life is an interactive fiction
in Lyon
clearly not going to
alive and kicking
working for the man
having the slowest computer on earth, but she doesn’t care because it is pretty
feeling crap
out for a walk
(still) working on her comp
an amateur
having diner with Joelle and David